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Wick Dipper
: $7.95
PHONE ORDER 773-317-4663

It's time to stop using Bic Pens, paper clips, and kichen utensils to center and extinguish your candle. Use our sleek sliver wick dipper for hard to reach jar candle wicks. This deep dipper runs 8 inches long with a ridged tapered end. Dipping stops the smolder after-burn immediately. Blowing and snuffing often can leave the wick ember burning for minutes, causing unwanted carbon buildup. Just dip and go.

Clean-Cut Wick Trimmer
: $12.95
PHONE ORDER 773-317-4663

This stylish stainless steel wick trimmer is a must for the Raw Candle connoisseur.
Our easy to hold trimmer is curved at a 60 degree angle for deep candle wells.
The razor sharp wick catcher allows you to cut cleanly without a mess.
This is the perfect accessory to include with any Raw Candle gift.

Raw Rustic Ceramic Green Leaf Candle Holder
Raw Rustic Candle Holder
: $16.95
PHONE ORDER 773-317-4663

This handcrafted ceramic Raw Rustic Candle Holder
imparts a pure organic look, while emitting a delicate leafy pattern.
Color and texture fluctuations produce their distinctive,
weathered appearance. Place on any surface in the house,
or garden. These luminaries are limited to 1000 pieces.

Candle not included

Standing up-right, industrial, metal, studded, candle lighter with lit flame.
Studded Candle Torch
: $18.95
PHONE ORDER 773-317-4663

Our sleek lighter looks more like a piece of contemporary art. You'll never use another plastic disposable barbeque lighter again. Urban stainless steel construction makes a strong statement in any room. Stand it upright or lay it down in a convenient location. It's too beautiful to hide in a drawer. The unique studded grip and pressurized childproof switch makes this a safe choice. Save the environment and your pocketbook with this refillable
decorative torch. It pairs perfectly with our wick trimmers and dippers.