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Hello Kevin

My husband was the one that found the Twisted Tobacco scent at one of your booths last summer (Arlington Heights Frontier Fest). Being a man, I was really blown away when he told me, "you must buy these". I did, I have bought since, and I'm buying again. Not only do THESE candles have a scent you can actually smell when lit, they last FOREVER! Whatever you're doing, keep doing it. Can't wait to see you again at another summer show.

Mary Friday

Kevin and Crew,

I just have to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoy your candles!!! They smell wonderful, they burn like no other thick candle I've owned and the fragrance seems endless! What a great job on those candles. Can't wait to visit you in Villa Park, IL and see what you have for spring and summer time. Keep up the fantastic candle making!!



Thanks again for all your personal attention to making sure that I received your leather-scented candles in time for delivering my Christmas presents. I really enjoy thinking of my friends and fan club at Christmas, and your candles were a real focus of this year's holiday cheer.

Regards, as always--

Earl Carlile


Yes...I'm back for more!!! Typically, I'm not a big candle kind of guy...but I LOVE the raw leather and twisted tobacco scents! Very masculine and that's what I like.

Thank you so much!

Hi, Kevin,

Thanks for the nice email. What great Customer Service! I heard about your candles from a co-worker and friend of mine at Southwest
Airlines. He gave your candles a great review and I just had to try them. I'm really looking forward to getting them.

Have a great day in the best city in the world!

Julie Gaffney

This was a letter Donna sent out to her friends and family.

Okay - if you love candles and I know most of you do, you have to check out this site! You'll never buy from Yankee, Candlelite, illuminations, or pier 1 again. When I was out visiting Lin in Chicago we went to a town fest and they had a fair and we met Kevin who is the creator of the most incredible scents I have ever indulged in! He's amazing. You can't find anyone of these scents anywhere - trust me - I smelled them all and you know how much I love candles! So try a votive or ten! I just had to share this site with you! You won't be disappointed. Long burning and aromatherapy heaven!

Donna Chirash-Templeman

Hey Kevin,

It was great seeing you yesterday at the Odeum, I hope the
show is going well for you. I absolutely love my candle and I will definitely be buying more... Your candles are awesome, they smell great even when they are not lit, plus they are not so overpowering that they give you a headache when you burn them.

Barb Czarnik